LTW11 – Romans: The Gospel of God – with Dr. Marshall Wicks Part 1

Dr. Wicks, Professor of Bible and Theology at the Word of Life Bible Institute Florida campus helps us better understand key passages found in the book Romans. He explains the mystery surrounding the founding of the church in Rome, discusses what condemns Jews and Gentiles alike, explains what justification entails, and answers the question: is God done with Israel?

LTW10 – Hebrews: The Superior Mediator, Jesus Christ – with Professor David Payne

Professor Payne, a Professor at Trinity College of Florida joins our podcast to discuss the remarkable book of Hebrews. He will explain the highly debated “warning passages,” explain the significance of Jesus Christ as our High Priest, and help us better understand the mysterious character known as Melchizedek.

LTW06 – The Gospel of Matthew: The Messiah, Son of David – Part 1 – with Bruce Scott

Bruce Scott, Director of Program Ministries with The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, joins us to dive into the Gospel of Matthew. In this first part, of a two-part series, we discuss the significance of 4 gospels rather than 1, why the Gospel starts with a genealogy, and how a literal interpretation to the Gospel of Matthew is so crucial.

LTW04 – The Passion of Christ: Jesus’ Last Days on Earth – Part 1 – with Dr. Doug Bookman

Dr. Doug Bookman, Professor of New Testament Studies at Shepherd’s Theological Seminary, joins us to discuss the last week of Jesus Christ’s life. In this first part, of a two-part series, Dr. Bookman provides an overview of the events of the passion week of Christ and describes political enemies who became allies in order to attempt to discredit and ultimately …

LTW03 – The Book of Ezra: The Scribe and His Message – with Dr. Daniel Anderson

Dr. Daniel Anderson, President of Appalachian Bible College, joins us in the studio to discuss the Book of Ezra. Stay tuned to learn about Ezra the Scribe, the Persian King Cyrus, the historical situation in which the book of Ezra takes place, key themes of the book of Ezra and the practical implications of Ezra for our Christian living.

LTW02 – Christian Leadership: A General’s Guide to Serving and Leading – Part 2 – with General Loren Reno

In this second part of a two-part series, we continued the discussion of Christian Leadership with Retired Lieutenant General Reno. We discuss several chapters from his book, 10 Leadership Maneuvers: A General’s Guide to Serving and Leading, including chapters entitled, “The Greatest is the Servant,” and “Share credit, shoulder blame.”