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Dive deep into the book of Galatians with the Galatians Master Class, taught by Dr. Ray Pritchard. Over the course of this 10-hour class, you’ll get the background, authorship, purpose of the writing, and discover the key points of the book.

The Galatians Master Class is HERE

We told you about the Galatians Master Class weeks ago, and it’s finally here! Taught by Dr. Ray Pritchard, this 10-hour class is a deep dive into God’s Word. We’re bringing Bible School right to your inbox with this FREE Class. Take quizzes, complete lectures, and master coursework as you complete your certification.


This is a Whole
New Way to Study the Bible

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Join with Others to Study the Bible

Study the Bible along with a community of people all seeking to grow their knowledge of the Bible.

Watch Actual College Lectures

Each course features real college professors teaching in class. Watch as if you are right there in class.

Complete Coursework and Quizzes

Don’t just take in the Bible, really dig into it with quizzes to help you remember what you’ve learned and coursework to push your study further.

Win Awards and Get Certified

A fun badge system keeps your learning interesting. Plus you can earn professional certificates for every course you complete.

About the Professor

Ray Pritchard is a renowned author and speaker, as well as a student favorite at the Word of Life Bible Institute. Ray is the president of Keep Believing Ministries and a graduate of Tennessee Temple University (B.A.), Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M.) and Talbot School of Theology (D.Min.).


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Who Are These Bible Courses for?

  • Anyone who wants to become an expert in God’s Word
  • People who want to Master a book of the Bible in a deep and methodical way.
  • New believers who want to dig deep into the Bible
  • Church volunteers serving who want to be better equipped for their ministry
  • Professionals who want to transition into ministry but don’t have the time or money to go back to college for Bible and Ministry Training.
  • Students who are life-long learners of God’s Word.
  • Christians who want to take their relationship with God to a new level.

If you are busy Pastor or Ministry leader who is stressed and overworked, this isn’t for you!

You should send your leaders to this training so that when they’re done, they can be ready to jump in and take ministry off your plate. You can use this powerful ministry tool to train your next generation of volunteers and leaders.


Frequently Asked Questions


How much do the courses cost?

We have a FREE course that anyone can take and get started with. We only require that you sign up using an email address that you check regularly. We are releasing this to help people study God’s Word.

How rigorous will the courses be?

Most of the courses consist of 10 lectures each one hour long. Throughout a given course, there will be study sheets to help you understand the material. The Bible classes may include quizzes, a final exam, and supplementary reading material. Once you’ve completed a course, you will be given an official certificate of your achievement. With all of that said, these courses are pretty rigorous and time-consuming. It is our hope that those who take the class would spend a significant investment of time to learn the Bible.

Does Learn the Word give me college credit?

No. The courses, while taken from actual college lectures do not give you any official college credit. They do however give you the same knowledge and training you would have received had you taken the same college course. In many cases, the coursework is also the same.

How do I get signed up?

Just visit the registration page on this website and fill out the entire form. Once you hit submit you’ll get a confirmation email, and you are all set. You can start with one of our FREE classes today.
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