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We just launched a brand new course from Learn the Word. It covers Genesis 1-11 the very foundations of the entire Christian faith. You’ll take a deep dive into this all-important book in the Bible and get some understanding of the many controversies within the book. You’ll learn how so many other truths connect to the first 11 chapters of Genesis. So whether your a pastor, small group leader, or just curious about the book of Genesis this is the course for you.

Get started with lesson 1 below absolutely FREE. Then after you are done you can get a very special offer from us below. Thanks for visiting!


If you liked the first lesson, you can get the next 10 lessons (that’s right this is an 11 lesson course!) for just $99. We want you to complete the entire course and take your learning into the book of Genesis and the Bible seriously. Normally each of our courses is $250, but for a limited time, you can complete your course for just $99. Don’t forget, Galatians is still absolutely FREE at any time so if you haven’t completed that course yet you can start there!

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