The Key Points of Galatians Infographic is Here!

Have you been enjoying your time studying the book of Galatians? If you haven’t gotten into it yet you can get signed up today by going to to get signed up. As soon as you log in you will be redirected to the Galatians Master Class and you can start taking the course right away. If you have been taking the class here is a helpful infographic we made to help you as you take the Galatians course. It shows the main points of the book of Galatians and can be a handy reference guide. Or feel free to share this on social platforms to share your knowledge of the book!

the-galatians-master-class-main-points-infographic learn the word word of life

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  1. I am excited to started on this new way for me to learn and how I will be able to use the knowledge I gain to reach out to those who don’t know my Jesus.

  2. I am having trouble logging into your site. I want to take the course on Galatians. I reset my password but that did not help. Can you tell me what user name I am registered under?

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