Learn the Word is Live!

Hey friends, we are finally launching our new project, Learn the Word! In the coming months, we will be sharing with you our goals for this new ministry. Right now we just have one amazing course, but we plan to add more and more as the year progresses. We hope you really enjoy the Galatians Master Class and that it pushes you closer to God, helps you grow your knowledge of the Bible, and that it impacts you on a heart level.

We chose Galatians because Dr. Ray Pritchard has such a genuine and infectious passion for the Bible and especially the book of Galatians. We knew that anyone could take this course and get something out of it, whether you are a pastor, professor, student, or church leader. This site is the result of months of planning and work and we want to get your feedback. Check out the survey on this site to let us know what you think so far and give us suggestions of classes you want to take and ideas you have to make the site better.

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to take this free course!

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  1. I am thrill to be able to take this class. I trust it will help be grow in my Christian Walk.
    I am having difficulty in get the program to run on my laptop. I think I may have regrister
    twice & I still can’t get passed the email address.

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